Sunday, January 19, 2014

Primping, preening and art journaling

 I have been primping my bedroom since we got an electric fire place and  TV over the holidays.

 I decided I also needed seating at the end of my bed, so I got this gorgeous love seat at Homesense. I was stalking it for a few weeks until I was convinced that it was made for me.

  I also found the perfect weathered old ladder to display our magazines (I removed my man's hunting magazines for the

Then I got the idea from County Living magazine- to hang up my vintage tins collection. Now all I need is a coffee maker in my room and I will never leave ;)

Also this week my oldest Daughter was home sick- so we did a lot of art journaling. Here are my pages.

When I went to the hair dresser, I saw this pic. of Jennifer Aniston with her new hair cut. I loved it so much that I took a chance and asked to have my hair cut the same. 

Voila! This is how it turned out. I'm quite happy with it and so is my Husband. I really needed the change.


  1. What a darling pic of you and hubby . . like the haircut, change is always good. The new seating looks great in your bedroom too. I have some old tins also I might want to try hanging too. How did you hang them? xo

  2. your bedroom decor is lovely! though I remember seeing your bedroom and thought it was pretty then! LOVE your hair cut! and cute picture of you and vince!

  3. Your hair looks great!!! I love your journal pages!! You always do such great work! Like the ladder, too!

  4. Love your new "do" cute! I always think that shorter hair makes a woman look younger...fresher! I see so many clever, beautiful, awesome art journals and I just wouldn't know where to start. I am loving your header on your blog. I really like the one I have now but I'd really like to have one that represents me for the day-to-day. Do you still do that kind of design work? Let me know what's involved if you will help me. ( and the cost, of course)


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