Friday, December 13, 2013

This past week I...

Teared up as I heard my Daughter play Ave Maria at a Christmas piano recital.

Got Lucas' soft cast finally removed. He sprained his finger 3 weeks ago.

(image from here)
Bought a bunch of honeycomb paper decorations and...

Made retro Christmas banners out of them.

Got a small vintage nativity set...

Then I spray-painted them to blend in with my decor.

Said a prayer to God- to thank him for protecting my Husband while a car hit him and 2 others.

Set up a hot cocoa station...

And am surprising my kids -and their friends- with it, when they have their gift exchange at our house tonight.

I can't believe the kids only have 4 more days of school left until the Christmas holidays?! I better take advantage of my free time and get the presents wrapped. I'll be back before Christmas :)


  1. I often tear up with I see Jennifer perform.. even after all these years.. shes 32! lol! I'm glad youre enjoying the season. I see a lot of people doing the hot cocoa stations.. maybe I will jump on the band wagon! lol. Only mine would be a tea station.. which technically I already have set up I guess!
    got all the ornies from the ornie exchange tonight.. soooo cute you little treat ornie is! wait til you see them all. you'll love them.
    have a great weekend my friend!

  2. You've had quite a week! Looks like lots of blessings in many forms! I hope you are done with those scary ones! I really like how you spray painted the nativity! You are so smart!!!

  3. ow pretty your banner is! I teared up reading about Emm lol! aww that is the most beautiful song Iam sure she did it beautifully! Glad your sonfinally got soft cast off and that your husband is safe and ok! Scary. Weather stinks I am trying to do my December Daily scrap and I think I need to switch to the big album!!! You should have your ornaments thiscoming week. I should have given them to you when you were here and the 1 that came later should have just sent you. Sorry! I love the coccoa station very cute. They are going to have fun Grace xoox

  4. Life is crazy isn't it . . . Glad to hear your husband is ok. I sure like how your nativity turned out. Looks good and the vinage banner looks sweet. Your "little man" is just the sweetess, so reminds me of my middle son Brian when he was little. Hope you are having lots of fun with the kiddos this holiday season. Sandy xo

  5. I really like your vintage decorations...the garland is really cute! Is this your husband's second accident? Did a deer hit his car before or am I totally confused? I'm glad he's OK but it really shakes you up and takes a while to get over. Your kids are always do such neat things as a family.
    Hope your Christmas is happy!


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