Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Conclusion of my Travelling Gnome

Cedric has been visiting with my American blogger friends for the past 9 months and he is now home safe and sound, (except for a missing nose, chipped hat and broken legs.)

His last trip was to visit Grace in Manhattan New York! Grace was a wonderful tour guide, as she brought Cedric to Times Square and Radio City Music Hall.

They also saw Eloise's place, caught a Scooby Doo musical and dined at Buca di Beppo! I was green with envy!

Cedric spent St.Patrick's Day and Easter in New York, so Grace took him to meet some friends- at my favorite store; Tinsel Trading Co.,!!

Being spoiled is hard work, so naturally Cedric got tired and was starting to feel home sick. He was to take a long trip to England to meet with Beki, but he may have ended up a pile of dust once he arrived there.

So this past weekend, Cedric came home and is happily taking permanent residence with his forest friends- who were sent over to me by the generous Elizabeth. Thanks to all of you who have participated in Cedric's journey! I am putting together a book with your photos and stories and will share them here when it is complete :)


  1. welcome home Cedric! he's had quite a trip! what fun Sandy.
    and a perfect resting place for him with Elizabeths little creations!
    Happy Sunday Girlfriend!

  2. What an adventure Cedric has had. If only we all could be world travelers like him.

    xo Danielle

  3. Oh my goodness you are so stinking cute!! ahahahahaha this was such a great post, Now did Cedric come to you broken? I thought he was well protected. It was wonderful having him around. He did miss his mamma though. I received his postcard yesterday. I have little things for him from NY, sorry I did not get a chance to send it with him. My brother gets operated the 15th then the 26th and my head is on the moon!!! Love you girly Grace xoox

  4. Welcome home to Cedric ... he was gone quite a long time and had so many fabulous adventures. Poor guy sounds like he fell ass over tip toward the end of his travels to break nose and legs = OH MY!
    I warned him more than once to watch out for slippery ice in Colorado at the Continental Divide :)
    Happy Spring to you and yours Sandy!


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